Studies on Mineral Water Healing

Studies on Mineral Water Healing

Desert Hot Springs Mineral Water has lot to offer any health seeker. Like exercising, hot water strengthens your heart by invigorating blood flow and cooling your body down. It promotes circulation ridding your body of toxins and stimulating your immune system. Hydrotherapy has many of the same benefits of exercising and is an alternative for people who have joint pain or obesity making exercising unfeasible.

Hydrotherapy has a myriad of obvious health benefits like treatment of sore muscles, back pain, insomnia, and arthritis, to surprising health benefits like treatment of diabetes, stress, weight loss, and heart failure.


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Heat relieves pain, but hot water does more. Heat therapy stimulates blood flow in areas such as the hands, feet, and lower back causing blood vessels to dilate and muscles to relax. In clinical studies, participants experienced increased flexibility and relief from pain within 2 or 3 weeks and the results lasted for months after the treatments stopped.


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According to studies, repeated hydrotherapy treatments improve your hearts health in several ways. Most notable are preventing coronary heart disease and other improving the condition of patients with cardiovascular diseases, including diabetes. Many doctors believe that hydrotherapy has promising potential to prevent heart disease, especially when combined with diet and exercise therapy.


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Studies show that body weight and body fat in obese patients decrease by an average of 3 pounds after only 2 weeks of hydrotherapy, and over 30 pounds in 10 weeks! It works by correcting the appetite of overweight patients.


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Millions of Americans have trouble sleeping. Hot water forces your body to cool itself down by drawing blood away from the head into the muscles and organs. Water stimulates nerve endings on the skin relieving stress. Sweating removes excess energy that may prevent you from a good nights sleep. It also helps with headaches.


Stimulating the immune system, balance disorders, disease that impair circulation, premenstrual syndrome, musculoskeletal injuries, bronchial asthma, multiple sclerosis, spinal disease, weakened back muscles, headaches and migraines, vertigo, mild depression, appetite loss, bronchitis, varicose veins, nervous excitability, hip treatment, hemorrhoids, kidney and intestinal pain, and low blood pressure.

Soak in the healing mineral waters of Desert Hot Springs today, and enjoy all the health benefits everyone has bee talking about for centuries.


The information provided on mineral properties and benefits of desert hot springs, ca mineral water is for general information purposes. In no way does Desert Hot Springs Vacations make any medical or therapeutic claim concerning any curative properties of the Desert Hot Springs Mineral Water. Always consult a licensed medical practitioner concerning matters of health.

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Studies on Mineral Water Healing
Desert Hot Springs Mineral Water has lot to offer any health seeker. Like exercising, hot water strengthens your heart by invigorating blood flow and cooling your body down... Read More
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