About Desert Hot Springs

About Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs at first glance looks like any other ordinary small American South Western town, overshadowed by its larger and more famous Palm Springs neighbor. What makes the city unique is one of the best healing mineral waters in the world!

other than its famous mineral water, Desert Hot Springs has lot to offer even the most demanding vacationer. Nestled in the beautiful Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs is only 15 minutes from Palm Springs and less than two hours’ drive from Los Angeles. Elevated above the valley floor, Desert Hot Springs is characterized by visually sutnning and snow caped two mountain ranges that create the valley, beautiful desert landscapeand incredible sunrises and sunsets. Desert Hot Springs is know for its healing thermal hot springs mineral waters. Here 2 pure curative mineral waters bubble from underneath the earth. One hot spring and another cold spring. For centuries Desert Hot Springs Mineral water has been believed to have curative properties. The Coachella Valley Indians bathed in it to treat variety of ailments and simply to relax.

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This fascination with hot thermal mineral water was carried over into modern times. And by the early 1900’s mineral water bathing became a standard prescription by doctors in US and Europe to treat large variety of diseases and ailments. Until the launch of modern drugs and medicine, it was the only possible way to treat diabetes, obesity, gout, stomach ulcers, and liver problems.

Some of the spas of Deset Hot Springs have been weekend gateways for the rich and famous since 1950’s (including many famous hollywood movie stars). This water still continues to bring millions of people to the region today. Few places on earth have natural hot mineral water ranging in temperature from 120 to 180 degrees. Desert Hot Springs mineral water is free of sulfurous odor that always accompanies hot mineral water. Its drinking water has also been ranked second and first best in the world for number of years in international competitions.

Desert Hot Springs boasts one of the best weathers in the USA. averaging 360 degrees of sunshine a year, warm temperatures all year long. yet slightly cooler in summer and slightly warmer in winter than Palm Springs, due to winds bringing a cool breeze. Desert Hot Springs is only a short 90 minute drive from Greater Los Angeles – almost2 hours from San Diego,and only 3.5 hours from the Las Vegas Strip. Incredible mountain views abound. From here you can drive to the Pacific ocean in 90 minutes and even world class ski within 90 minutes. Desert Hot Springs is ideally located for every kind of activity. Choose from the glitz and nightlife of Palm Springs less than 15 minutes away or the tranquility and peace of Joshua Tree National Park only 35 minutes away.

In addition the the remarkable mineral water, Desert Hot Springs and its 20 mile radius has more to offer than most vacation destinations in State of California. Like to play golf? You’ve come to the right place. With more than 100 golf courses to choose from, the valley offers more courses than any other region of similar size in the nation. Like to hike? It doesn’t get any better than this. Check out the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument or the Big Morongo Canyon and Coachella Valley Preserves or the Cahuilla Indian Canyons. Like to shop? From the Beverly Hills style of El Paseo Drive to designer discount stores in nearby Cabazon, you’ll find it all nearby. (And don’t forget to stroll down Palm Canyon Drive, the main street of Palm Springs, a wonderland for window shoppers). Crave the excitement of a casino? we have you covered. Enjoy over a dozen casinos within coachella valley, that offer bast casino experience outside of Las Vegas. Want wordclass dining? the desert cities of Coachella valley offer unlimited selection of hundreds of unique restaurants and bars to fit any taste.

every year Palm Springs and surrounding cities of Coachella valley host large variety of events from internationally renowned film festivals (rivaling Sun Dance), music events such as Coachella, golf tournaments, to art shows. it is a place to be and bee seen. Desert Hot Springs itself is one of the most undervalued vacation spots in Southern California and USA. Home to several dozen of smaller “niche” mineral water spas catering to variety of people. The minerals found in Desert Hot Springs Mineral Water, are unique and unlike anything elese in the world. its been known to heal and provide relief for arthritis, skin diseases, stress and anexiety relief, depression, back pain, asthma, memory loss, weight gain, loss of loibido, fibromyalgia, and even some types of cancer.

In addition to being famous for hot mineral waters, the municipal Desert Hot Springs water supply has ranked first, second, and third in recent years in international water tasting competitions. In 2004 Desert Hot Springs tap water won the coveted gold medal at the Berkeley Springs International Water Festival.
In 2008, Desert Hot Springs water won a Silver Medal for best tasting municipal water. Desert Hot Springs’ water is ranked among the nation’s best!

Every year, millions of people in Europe and Asia pay thousands to take advantage of hot mineral water resorts. Now you can do the same at small fraction of the price. Desert Hot springs vacation homes and access to near by hot mineral water spa resorts are very affordably priced. Compared to its more ritzy neighbors such as Palm Springs. You can stretch your vacation dollar further here.

Come and stay at one of our beautiful Desert Hot Springs Vacation homes today and enjoy the “miracle” water and attractions nearby today!

Traveling by air:
LAX: We are 2 hours by car from Los Angeles International Airport
ONT: We are 1 hour by rental car from Ontario International Airport
PSP: We are 15 minutes from the Palm Springs International airport
If you are driving:
We are 2 hours from Los Angeles, 2 hours from San Diego, and 4 hours from Phoenix and are centrally located 10 minutes north of Interstate 10.

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