Where can i receive treatment for my particular ailment?

we highly recommend consulting with your doctor before using hot mineral water as part of your treatment. individuals with certain conditions such as hear disease should avoid bathing in hot mineral water. we do not suggest or endorse any therapy or service. Some spas in desert hot springs offer alternative healing programs ranging from detoxification, Ai Chi (mediated movement in water), Reiki (usui system of natural healing), water aerobics to relive arthritis and muscle pain symptoms, Acupuncture, massages, and many others. one spa that seems to specialize in larger variety of treatments is http://www.wecarespa.com/fulltreatmentlist.shtml. and http://www.wecarespa.com/healers.shtml please note that we do not endorse nor profit from any endorsement or recommendation. this information is provided in effort to make your stay as productive and happy as possible.

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