Are the swimming pools & spa’s heated?

The Mineral Water pools in Miracle Spring & Spa and Desert Hot Springs Hotel are always heated. Each one has a different tempreature from mild, warm, hot and extremly hot.

The 5 community pools in the Mission Lakes Villa gated community are not heated, but the jacuzzi’s are heated.

Desert Hot Springs Villa has a private pool and jacuzzi. In Fall & Winter months we encourage you to purchase the pool/spa heating option. Because of cool desert nights pools get chilly quickly, even during Spring and Fall. We highly recommend pool heating for the months of October through May. This home is equipped with a pool heater. The pool heaters are powered by natural gas and are extremely costly to operate. The typical fee for pool heating is $75 per day, $350 per week.

For monthly rentals, guests pay actual gas and electric utilities rather than pool heating. We recommend heating pool to a comfortable temperature of 86-88 degrees and spa between 101-104 degrees.

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